Wednesday, 30 January 2013


On the list of things that had to be done in January was sorting out my work area.  Kind people would say that I was working in "creative chaos" but it was more just chaos, total chaos!  

So zooming in with her cape flying was a true Wonder Woman - Jai from Organise My Space.  Her response to sorting out my mess was "I just LOVE that kinda stuff!!!"  Happily she hasn't given me copies of the photos she took before the clean up so I don't have to remember what it was like or embarrass myself here by showing you all.  But it only took part of a day and I now have the most wonderful sunny working area and I can find things easily. 

So I celebrated by easily finding the things I needed to make the kindle cover for a friend that I promised months ago.  Pattern, fabric off-cut, padded lining, snaps, matching thread - all beautifully easy to find.  I'm in heaven.

PS - yes this is an off-cut from the famous Frida wrap skirt.  I now need to find more ways of using these fabric off-cuts.  Any ideas? 

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