Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Market style - men in skirts

Most Saturdays I have a Minnie + Ree stall at the Underground Designer Market in Frank Kitts Park on Wellington's waterfront.  The waterfront is stunning on a good day in Wellington.  It's a little more challenging when the weather is bad but we are under cover.  An outdoor market would be just too hard in Wellington.

Man in skirt wearing Minnie + Ree Sugar Skulls snap wrap skirt
One of the great things about being at the market is the people watching.  We get a lot of people visiting and see some beautiful sights.  We have everything from couples in matching cruise-ship-chic to some really out there stuff. 

Man in skirt wearing Blaklader kilt - workwear from Sweden
So my first Market style post has to go to the men in skirts!  We love you!!

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