Thursday, 7 February 2013

Summer is back!

After two days of torrential rain summer is back.  And let's face facts summer doesn't really start in NZ until February.  Sad for all those people who have just gone back to work and school but very nice if you are lucky enough to mainly work from home.  And I do!  Near the sea too!  

So how about a swim?  And if you want to swim you need a swimsuit.  And that's where Sonsie Swimwear comes in ...

Sonsie is swimwear for women with bigger boobs.  I started Sonsie several years ago.  IMHO many stylists who write about choosing swimwear for women with a larger bust obviously don’t have one. Year after year we hear the same type of advice – get a swimsuit as high and with as much coverage as possible, wear plain dark colours, get an underwire style etc!  

Here at Sonsie Swimwear we disagree with most of this advice! Because that high cut black swimsuit is just going to make you look like you’ve got a giant tyre on your chest. We have bigger boobs and we know from our own experience and our research that the best swimwear for women with large breasts is a patterned, colourful, halter style with a flattering V.  And we usually don’t want underwired bra styles, we want to be more comfortable on the beach or at the pool. 

Our bigger boobed women also tell us that sometime in their lives they have all had looks or comments about their breasts that weren’t nice. They want to be able to go to the beach with their friends and families wearing a flattering fashionable normal looking swimsuit and feeling okay about their bodies. They don’t like shopping when they are made to feel abnormal because the ‘normal’ clothes don’t fit them.

So if you are one of the 50% of women whose bra cup size is D or above then Sonsie is for you!  Have a look!   Need help deciding what size to get - just ask me!  Women come in all shapes and sizes - size is just a number not a judgement.  Look at these two:

Stilt walkers dressed to match Sonsie Swimwear

Come on in - the water is warm and you know it won't last long!! Do you need a new swimsuit?

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