Friday, 19 September 2014

Belle Frocks - new colours

We've been slaving over a hot sewing machine - here are all the new colours.  

Belle frock in charcoal with blue koru heart

Belle frock in gold leaves organic cotton

Belle frock in dusky pink

Belle frock in red and cream

Like all Minnie + Ree clothing there are two sizes for the frock. 

Either SIZE Average - fits Aus/NZ 14-16-18. This is approx US 10-14.
Or SIZE small is Aus/NZ 8-10-12 which is approx US 4-6-8.

The most important thing for the fit of this dress is that it fits across the bust. There is a drawstring inside the back of the dress so you can put the dress on inside out and get a friend to tighten it so it fits perfectly. Bust measurements are approx 33 - 37" (83-93cm) for a Small and 38 - 45" (96-115cm) for the Average.

Here are a couple of live models:

Bring on summer!!!

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