Monday, 12 January 2015

I'm in NEXT magazine ...

What do I have in common with Angelina Jolie? 

Well we are both in NEXT magazine this month (dated February 2015). I bet she is so jealous!

My page 59 is part of an article on being a business mentor and there are five different women business mentors who talk about their life and their mentoring. We all have a section at the end on advice for women in business. My three points are:

1. Know yourself and know others
2. Play to your strengths
3. Be authentic

The other mentors have these three points.

Hayley Fraser-Mckenzie
1. Write a business plan
2. Set milestones and goals and track them
3. Do your homework - research.

Leone Evans
1. Know yourself
2. Time management
3. Cashflow is king.

Heather Baigent
1. Keep your long-term vision in front of you
2. Keep your options open
3. Nothing you learn is ever wasted.

Jann Meehan
1. Look after number one
2. Get help
3. Retain a positive outlook.

So that is already a lot of very good advice.  If you want to see more the article is from pages 58 - 65.  Here's a photo of my page ...

AND a readable PDF here


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