Friday, 22 May 2015

What's a poncho sweater?

Last week I put up my week's challenge on our facebook page. It was the top on the left of the picture below. The story behind it is that last winter I started a design for a comfy-wrap-poncho style top. NOT a success!! So I put the top and pattern on the rack where all things "in development" go. Then I had a brainwave, got it out and last Monday the new version was cut out and on the workroom table. It was all looking good at that stage. But it is only today that I am finishing off the final patterns. It has been a long process and I have made several versions over the last two weeks. 

UGLY TOPS 1, 2, 3 !!

Minnie + Ree's photo.
All cut out and ready to go ...
The choice of fabrics has made a huge difference and happily I had a roll of the perfect weight merino in my stash. 

Did I say that I am also on a very determined stash busting exercise as well? These little parcels of cotton fabric remnants have appeared on my market stall lately. I had a few years' worth of off cuts that had taken over one corner of my workroom. I WILL get my workroom back!

Here is the new design. I have developed a love affair with Stay Tape and can bore anyone with a long dissertation on the benefits of knit, bias, straight, nylon and adhesive tapes. A stash small supply of the perfect tapes are now flying to me as I write! I will be able to sew up the new tops as soon as they arrive next week!

It took me nearly as long to figure out what to call it. But the most descriptive name I could find was Poncho Sweater so that is it. AND the great news is that this top looks good on me (Minnie + Ree size Average) and on my friend who is Minnie + Ree size Small. So it is a One Size top. Yay!

And did you like the wee ring pincushion I am using? I had some fun with merino felt balls and some beads and embroidery. Here's the close up:

Next challenge please ...

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Need some inspiration?

Last week on our Facebook page I put up the most repinned of all our pins on Pinterest. And it's a quote.  I do love that one and it got me thinking about what others are my favourites. These pins and their sources can all be found on our Pinterest page here.

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Lovely Collaborative Illustrated Micro-Narratives Supporting Independent Media | Brain Pickings

From The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories I love the idea of doing some legs-up-the-wall restorative yoga with my favourite make believe monster friend!


I have this one on the notice board above my desk. Soooooo important for me to remember!

{via Roctetrictic on Flickr} This January, were taking an in-depth look at the why and how of...

This is the one that is most repinned. Good to think about, especially when you need to declutter your life!

And this last one because it makes me laugh and gives an excellent explanation for why I have so many cowlicks and my hair won't behave!
This. Is. Amazing.

Have a great day!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Frida is back!

Yay! We have managed to get a little more of the beautiful teal Frida fabric. This won't last long. It is the most popular of all the Minnie + Ree skirts. If you want one the link is here: FRIDA

Here's some pics ...

Friday, 1 May 2015

What are the best trousers?

Trousers are just so easy to live in but how do you wear trousers that are not jeans or the traditional shapes? 

Here are some ideas for how to wear your Minnie + Ree pants. All of these pictures and their links to source are on a Pinterest page I have set up:

Autumn/Fall & Winter

- think layers, jumpers, socks, shoes, boots, coats ...

 Spring & Summer

- think cool tops, dresses, sandals ...

Dress them up too

- think heels!

Minnie + Ree now have three pant styles:

All of these pants have our standard flexible sizing so are either size Small or size Average.  Hip measurements are important here so the sizes are:

SMALL hip from 35 to 40 inches or 89 to 102 cm
AVERAGE hip from 41 to 46 inches or 104 - 117 cm


So, what are the best trousers for you??