Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Happy Birthday to us!! SALE prices for you!

16th June is Minnie + Ree's birthday. It was 16 June 2006 that the big decision was made to stop playing around and go make our first patterns. 

Three days later I had the nearly final patterns for the swimwear pieces that became Sonsie Swimwear. 

From the swimwear for women who don't fit the standard tiny B-cup stuff available in the shops we developed our design values. And here we are today with clothing that is:

  • flexi-sized
  • flattering
  • comfortable
  • gorgeous colours and patterns
  • natural and tactile fabrics
  • small production runs

We always wanted the business to be mainly an online shop so that's where our birthday sale is going on. You will find that all items (except the merino) have already had $30 taken off the price. That includes:

  • skirts
  • dresses
  • tops
  • pants
  • swimwear

This sale will last until 30 June so go enjoy yourself!!  Shop here: www.MinnieRee.com

Happy Birthday to me ... 

PS. Minnie Faux was my great grandmother and I named the company after her. She would be 150 years old if she was still alive today.