Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Back to black ...

It may be kinda obvious but Minnie + Ree love colour and pattern! However every now and then we'll break out and put some darker colours together. So to celebrate (NOT!) the cold weather we are currently enjoying in New Zealand here's some new darker items. 

1. Black and glasses reversible skirt.
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That black skirt would look good with boots or tanned legs I think!

Black & glasses reversible skirt by Minnie + Ree

2. Grey floral reversible skirt with spring spots inside!
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This floral fabric has been popular as it looks good in summer and winter. Now that it's reversible you can wear the spotty side in spring and summer with a little white top and you've got a totally new look.

Grey floral & spots reversible skirt by Minnie + Ree

3. Grey and black Belle frock with bird.
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This Belle Frock would winter up nicely with a black merino top underneath and/or a black cardigan or jacket on top.

Belle and bird!


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