Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Are you a lover of linen and all its glorious wrinkles or does it make you want to reach for the iron every time you see a crease?

Linen crossover apron by Minnie + Ree

We love linen and here is our first new linen garment - a Japanese style crossover apron.

We were heavily influenced by all the Pinterest pics of these aprons and had to make our own. I have already used some of my practice embroidery on the pocket of mine and hope to get it covered in paint and ink stains like the true wannabe artist that I am!

Don't worry about all that talk about how hard linen is to care for. Just toss it into the washing machine!

How to care for linen:

Linen is a gorgeous, comfortable and durable fabric that is made from fibres of the flax plant. Linen fabric is known to have been a material for clothing and other needs for thousands of years; it is the world’s oldest natural fibre. If it is taken care of it can last for generations and it grows softer and more lustrous with age. 

Linen is sometimes treated with sizing, a finish that makes it crisp when you first buy it. It does wrinkle easily and requires ironing if you want to keep that fresh look but most people now embrace the natural tendency of the linen and let it crease. You can wash it and let it dry on a hanger or lie flat for a natural look.

Some people believe that linen is only suitable for dry cleaning.  Not! It has been around from a long time before drycleaners were invented. Gentle washing machine cycle and mild soaps are best for linen. With each washing, in lukewarm or cold water your linen becomes softer and lovelier.

So do you want a linen apron for yourself? They are in our online shop here.


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