Friday, 11 December 2015

Holiday skirts - comfortable is good ...

The holidays are coming up and there could be some large celebratory meals in your future! What to wear???

At Minnie + Ree we pride ourselves on making comfortable clothes that look great. This may be useful if you are planning a wee over-indulgence on Christmas Day...

Snap wrap skirts - designed to be flexi-sized and so you could just wear it one snap looser than you normally would. Go out one snap and wear it lower on your hips. Have another slice of ham!

Snap Wrap Skirt - Pink Virgencita

Belle frocks are fitted around the bust and then skim across the stomach and hips. Room for another glass of bubbles!
Belle Frock green with butterfly

And of course our favourite Sea Breeze dress currently in La Catrina fabric. Let those svelte ladies take all the attention while you think about another slice of pavlova ...

What's the weather going to be and what will you be wearing on Xmas day?


Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas dress tree

Christmas is coming and do you need a new dress to wear on the day? Can we count on sunshine and a beautiful day? Maybe not, so how about a dress that is comfortable and flattering but you can layer up or down as needed? 

And if you have enough of them you can make a tree!!

Belle frock tree

Belle frocks are HERE. And yes there are colours other than green or red!