Monday, 14 March 2016

What's up?

Summer is starting to fade. I am so not ready for this. It's getting dark in the early mornings and at nights. So I need an Extending Summer Strategy!

Plan 1 is obviously to go to places where it is still summer and so Minnie + Ree will be in Hawke's Bay this weekend. On Saturday 19 March we will be at the Maraekakaho Country Market Day. It is looking like an amazing day. Check it out on their Facebook page here 

Maraekakaho market

So that does mean that we won't be at Underground Market in Wellington that day. And note that we have a new spot at Underground. Our stall is now right beside the door that opens out to the waterfront. So enter through the glass doors, walk down the steps, and we are the first stall on the right, opposite Zamm Lights.

Zamm Lights 
Plan 2 is to book a trip away so winter isn't so scary. YAY, I'm going to PARIS to hang out with friend, M+R supermodel and ceramic artist Stephanie Cahorel. I will be checking out this shop in Paris in July!

And here's a quick preview of the dress I'm currently working on - Sorry, bad photo! But I'm very happy with how it has turned out so will be making a sample size Small in the next week or so, and all going well I will then be getting a few into production. As usual the dress will be flexi-sized so size Small (NZ10-12) and size Average (NZ14-16-18). 

Any ideas what name this dress should have?

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