Monday, 18 April 2016

Fooling around being a famous model ...

Recently I was a Famous Model while working with arts student, photographer and friend Elise Dunn on how to do a photo shoot for Minnie + Ree. We did it ourselves as we were working out what we wanted, what we needed to do, how best to tell our story etc. 

My Famous Model preparation and upskilling consisted of watching a few Youtube videos on how to pose, and getting over myself and accepting that some photos would be great, most would be average, and some would be a serious attack on my self esteem. BUT the more you take the more chance there will be some great ones!!

We will be putting these together into a lookbook for the new GRACE DRESS and it will be Wellington theme. Cable car, Botanical Gardens, city views of course! So here's a few less than serious photos to show how much FUN it all was...

1. The ghost model of the cable car.   2. Here it is, what do you want me to do again?

3. Why are these people in my picture??   4. The cable car driver is a Famous Model too!

5. Pretending the Dominion Observatory building is my house. Actually it is the studio/gallery of Cartographica.

6. Another stunning view from the Botanical Gardens across the harbour. We love Wellington!

And how the dress really looks:

Grace dress by Minnie + Ree