Saturday, 30 July 2016

I heart yellow

One of the dresses I made to wear in summery Paris is this yellow linen dress in the new Ettie style. It has been very hot and quite muggy here most days - about 26-31 degrees. Okay in the mornings but very warm in the afternoon/evening. And when I first arrived here it was light until 10.30pm - a huge change from dark and wintery Wellington!!

So my yellow Ettie has been getting quite a bit of product testing as there is nothing better than linen when it's humid. It's also very useful when you are in a crowded Metro and you don't want your Paris-savvy friend to lose you! 

I will let the pics speak for themselves ...

Practicing my long-legs pose!
Cafe stop of course!

Another yummy lunch in Paris!
Close up of new necklace & tuna

Famous Model in front of famous building
Yellow on grey, how stylish!

I am loving this dress! It's great when traveling because it's comfortable, can dress up or down, and doesn't need too much washing. You gotta luv wrinkly linen though ;-) 
What do you think?

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