Sunday, 17 July 2016


I have been experimenting with linen a lot recently and have finally got a shape that I am happy with. This dress meets all those practical considerations that Minnie + Ree clothing is well-known for:

  • The usual flexi-sizes Small (NZ 10-12 ish) and Average (NZ 14-16-18 ish)
  • Comfortable fit (and not too close fitting as this is made for warm weather)
  • Effortless to dress up with heels and jewellery or just barefeet/jandals
  • Durable and made to last
  • POCKETS of course!!
  • An interesting row of snaps down the back.
Here are photos of a couple of prototypes I am taking with me to summery France TOMORROW :-) !!!!

A nice bit of boro style embroidery because I love it!

And this one in black and white I made for a friend - photos from Hong Kong coming soon!

So I will report back from France over the next few weeks - I'm off to search for new and interesting fabrics for Minnie + Ree and will also be visiting Tokyo for a few days on the way home...


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