Saturday, 6 August 2016

Normandy 1

We have been staying in a small town in Normandy at Chez Nana. The area is famous for its dairy products so that means that it rains a lot. And so we went from 28-32 degrees in Paris to a mere 18-20 degrees. Even the local tourism makes jokes about the rain!

Being from a country where most buildings are reasonably new and made from timber I loved all the old stone buildings. They are amazing. 

 The church is huge and right at the centre of town near Nana's house. And I was wearing my new Belle frock in a strawberry-red linen. 

So it was time to be a Famous Model again!

Villedieu is also the home of the bell foundry. So if you need a bell for anything here is the place to go shopping. There are a LOT of bells around the town...

And it was very quiet in town. Not the usual thousands of tourists so that was very much in the news. May have been the weather?????!!

 A bientot!

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