Sunday, 7 August 2016

Normandy 2

As I live near the sea and see it nearly every day I have really missed it while being in Paris and Normandy. So we jumped on the train and went to Granville. The smell of the sea and the sound of the seagulls had me in my happy place before we even saw the water!

Granville is another lovely old town and there's a walk around the old town/castle area that follows the coast. You can easily see Jersey and Guernsey islands. They are on the horizon of this picture, honest!

It was another overcast day and quite windy. But it was great to be out in the sea 'breeze'.

The walk ended at the port and in the old part of town.

Steph has the urge to steal every time we see a cute old bike...

 By the time we got back to the beach the tide had gone out.

We did intend to go for a swim but it wasn't exactly hot so we had a great walk on the sand, got our ankles wet, and went off to the shops and a cafe instead!


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