Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Sans gluten - did she eat wheat?

One of the big questions for this visit to Paris was whether or not I would give in to the temptation to eat bread and/or pastries in Paris. I haven't eaten wheat for several years so it was going to be interesting with a boulangerie or patisserie seemingly on every corner!

The general attitude here to Gluten Free is either full-on or totally uncomprehending. For example there is this guidebook on the left. And I enjoyed this beer ...

But the best way to eat wheat free in France seems to be the same as I eat in New Zealand. Just read the menu and choose meals that don't have wheat in them. Of course it does help having a bilingual friend to help with the translation! I have had some great food ...

On Sunday we went for a lovely long lunch at Les Ombres which has a stunning view across to the Eiffel Tower and from their terrace you get a 360 degree view of the whole city. We booked in advance and let them know that I didn't eat wheat. It was all good but it appeared that no one told the waiting staff since they kept trying to give me bread but eventually I was proudly given this GF roll. And I really appreciated it as we had the most divine mushroom entree and it was bread or lick the plate!!

Our booking confirmation also included "Tenue correcte souhaitee". Yep, they were telling us to dress properly. Er, not all the guests that day appeared to get the memo as there was a reasonable amount of tourist-chic going on.

The champagne was great (of course!) and I was overjoyed about the glasses - proper flutes that you can get your nose in! Yay!!

So the answer is NO. I didn't eat wheat and I am having a fantastic foodie time without it! One more foodie pic - desserts. Divine!

And did I mention the Boudin Noir in Normandie? And all the other saucisses. Yum!

Yep, I'm in my happy place.

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