Thursday, 19 January 2017

DIY Studio 3 - the last report

Doing well with the studio DIY but I guess I'm just not cut out for all this hard work! And my hammer skills are seriously out of practice. I could feel my arm seizing up as I hammered away and dreamed about having a Nail Gun. And I'm not even doing the whole job on the walls, just putting up enough ply panels so I can carry on with getting the shelving units in, getting organised, and moving the stash out of the bath!

So here are the plywood panels leaning up against their 'Forever Home'. I did get these pre-cut and delivered and the nice delivery guy helped put them in place ready to go. (Even though they were having a bad day and were 4 hours late!)

I decided to take Safety a little more seriously than usual and did not do the next stage in my jandals. Shoes are quite handy for climbing up and down the step ladder and kicking things in to place!

Here are the first two shelves in place. There are three more to go. Unfortunately they are not new ones but are spread throughout the house and are very, very full! So each one has had to be emptied, cleaned and then moved out to the studio. I have discovered lots of fabrics that I had forgotten about so that has been quite exciting. I am developing a filing system so all the fabrics will be stored by their intended design/style/use - a shelf for each one. Quite OCD (according to some rude people) but I don't do cleaning so I'm fine!

So where do you think the fabrics ended up while waiting to transition to their new home??? 

In the bath of course!!

I have just put together the kitset for this lovely thing. It will become home to all the threads, tools and other little things that seem to hang out in my sewing room. It will also be a good chance to get rid of some junk!

And one thing that won't be making it to the new studio is this Cover Stitch machine. I don't need it and rarely had the patience to use it anyway. 

So if you want to buy a hardly used machine that is comfortable with swear words let me know.

So tell me - are you a Konmari sort of declutterer or more of a Sarah Knight type? (Warning - Sarah is also very comfortable with swear words.)

No more pics of the studio now until I can do a Big Reveal and show the finished thing...

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