Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Copenhagen 4 ...

Continuing on with my 'Amazing Copenhagen' theme ... have you seen their Botanical Garden? What can I say? Amazing! Here is a pic of the Palm House which dates back to 1874.

Inside is a series of interconnecting rooms with a huge variety of plants and (warm) temperatures.

If you are feeling adventurous and can ignore any niggling fear of heights, you can climb the circular stairs to the roof. It's very warm up there, and a Health & Safety official's nightmare, but so good! Amazing even.

We also went to visit this beautiful church...

And we caught up with Underground Market ex-stallholder Shalini who moved to Copenhagen a year ago. Like me she sews with colourful print fabric and was able to confirm that there was very little fabric of that type available in Copenhagen. Still, it was fun looking for it!

And here we are in my favourite Copenhagen cafe ...

And another bikes picture because, you know, Copenhagen ...

So, it was all amazing. And now it's back to Paris.
Hej hej

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