Saturday, 16 September 2017

Liberty and Liberty

Trying something new this year in Paris and looking for trims and embellishments as well as fabrics. Here I am being overwhelmed by the huge choice in a display of Liberty bindings... we don't have this at home!

This is just a fraction of the display.

And this is me saying "damn you Mr Taxman, I had to pay 20% extra to get a receipt"!

We went to Saint-Ouen to go to Les Puces which is the famous flea market there, and they had a special invite-only night event. So we spent a couple of hours wandering around there. 

And it was great to see one of my favourite embroiderers, wearing this amazing creation!

Back on the fabric trail the next day and we went to the fabric area which is literally on the doorstep of the Sacré-Cœur. I am still not getting too inspired by what I see. I think the shops may have already moved into their (duller) winter fabrics and that's just not me! 

The Liberty fabric is pretty expensive, but I did find a great wax fabric and some nice viscose ...

I also got some more embellishments but they haven't been photographed yet.

But you know everything is going to be fine when there are red sequins, and texting policemen on bicycles ...

À bientôt!


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