Friday, 21 September 2018

sunny and warm ...

Headed off to Queensland for a few days. The mission was to get some sun, find some fabrics, check out a few maybe-stockists for Minnie + Ree, and go to a class to start learning how to make Minnie + Ree necklaces! 

So I'd decided to go and stay at Redcliffe for a few nights. It's on the coast and has a big Sunday market. Maybe it wasn't quite what I expected but that's okay - it was by the sea and new experiences are good. To get there I rented a car and got a new Hyundai. 

So if I had a Bucket List and it included getting a brand new car I could give it a ✅. Not really that exciting though. Look here: I've done 50km, most of it lost in the dark with no sense of direction trying to get to Redcliffe!

And here's the big fabric shop ... aisles that go for miles, total overwhelm!

And the market - really long too!

Still hadn't found anything that excited me, and then I went to class. My sense of direction was still on holiday and I drove around Brisbane a bit more. The class was about using polymer clay. I'm applying the same theory as my pattern-making: learn enough of the rules so you can break them and do something new. Here's my hands getting into conditioning the clay... and turning green.

And I made this - not really where I think I'm going with this but good to experiment! And I now have so many ideas!!

And I went to Paddington (yep, got lost again), adored Dogstar... Note smirky face cos I really like Dogstar ... happy place!

And onto a store in Toowoomba. I've been following them on Facebook for ages and was very curious if they were the store of my dreams, or just really, really good at having an online presence??!!?? And the answer came from the Universe, conveniently written on a Tshirt:

And s
o lots to think about and do!


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