Sunday, 28 May 2017

We work and we work ...

Just back from Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, Australia. The temperature was about 26-29 degrees Celsius and the water temperature was 25-26 degrees. That was pretty good 😎. Being a hardworking summer clothing designer I was there to test out all of Minnie + Ree's dresses and decide which were the most suitable in tropical climes...

Here's some pics to set the scene:

1. Favourite place to drink coffee - 4 Mile Beach. It tends to get windy in the afternoons so it's really nice to be there in the mornings. And after the coffee, it's time for a little reading and sunbathing until brunch time.

2. If you don't go to the beach in the morning then the best coffee is here. You can smell the coffee from the street, which is good because I can't remember the street name! 

3. And the best brunch has to be from my old favourite Fresq on Macrossan St (the main shopping street). How does this look? Yes, that's a wee bottle of Prosecco in the background - holidays should be taken seriously people!

4. I was also on a mission to try out an electric bike and see if they were as good as it is said and if they would be a good frock bike for me. 

I totally loved it BUT wasn't so good on my bike/selfie stick skills. 

And yes you do need tights under your knee-length dress.

5. I really enjoyed these flowers. They start out being very neat and tidy for the first day or so and then go totally loose, like they've had too many party nights.

6. And a couple of signs that took my fancy:

How would they ever get a builder with no dog or radio?

And this one for people who don't know how to cross the road ...

7. And there are nice bars ...

8. And the best dresses were undoubtedly the Ettie linen dresses - just perfect in that humid temperature. My favs were (of course) the colours that suit me best - red and yellow. 
RED linen Ettie dress

YELLOW linen Ettie dress
9. And keeping up with the yellow theme my favourite swimwear was my Sonsie bikini in yellow.

And yes, I am thinking about going back again next year. Maybe 10 days wasn't quite long enough - it's the perfect place to just chill out and if you go before the high season in June it is nice and quiet.