Saturday, 30 July 2016

I heart yellow

One of the dresses I made to wear in summery Paris is this yellow linen dress in the new Ettie style. It has been very hot and quite muggy here most days - about 26-31 degrees. Okay in the mornings but very warm in the afternoon/evening. And when I first arrived here it was light until 10.30pm - a huge change from dark and wintery Wellington!!

So my yellow Ettie has been getting quite a bit of product testing as there is nothing better than linen when it's humid. It's also very useful when you are in a crowded Metro and you don't want your Paris-savvy friend to lose you! 

I will let the pics speak for themselves ...

Practicing my long-legs pose!
Cafe stop of course!

Another yummy lunch in Paris!
Close up of new necklace & tuna

Famous Model in front of famous building
Yellow on grey, how stylish!

I am loving this dress! It's great when traveling because it's comfortable, can dress up or down, and doesn't need too much washing. You gotta luv wrinkly linen though ;-) 
What do you think?

Friday, 29 July 2016

Dries van Noten

As you may know I love my drop crotch pants and am always wearing them. And yes a pair did come with me to Paris! So imagine my joy when I spotted the Dries van Noten shop in Paris. I'm thinking about moving in to live in the shop. 

So imagine this is my walk-in closet ...

A nice couch for visiting friends

I want ...

Yes this purple linen frock is getting worn a lot.
Because linen is fab when it's so warm!

See the parrot at the back?

The parrot wanted a selfie.

So all is good here!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

La Droguerie

Another famous sewing shop shop in Paris. It has a beautiful old feel ...

Ladders are for climbing ...
Wasn't me.

So pretty!


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Paris flea markets 2

This is a mis-named post. Yes we went to the other huge market at St Ouen. It is HUGE!!!! And it was very hot. So I totally failed at the photos in the market...

But I did buy this bag ... a little doctor-style bag. That's a lipstick in front of it so you can get a sense of the size. It is beautiful!

My beautiful bag!
Of course there was good coffee and laughing at the start of the journey there.

And then after a few hours at the market, three beautiful words on a hot, hot day - beer, saucisse, fries ...

So, Bad Blogger for forgetting photos! But Happy Blogger!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Paris flea markets

The big flea markets are a good opportunity to see and think about whether I want to include vintage fabrics and laces in Minnie + Ree clothing. So the first of the big weekend markets is at Vanves and off we went. 

How to pack a market van - very impressive!
A piece I bought - beautiful!

And then it was time to get desperate for coffee again and off we went to check out the Matamata cafe. Yep, I was pretty keen for a coffee break - crazy eyes behind those sunglasses!

A bientot

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Paris fabric shops

There are a lot of shops in Paris. You really wonder how some of them can make a living since they are so small. And a lot of them are closing now for the summer break. So we've been out checking out all kinds of places and getting some good ideas for new fabrics for this coming NZ summer. I think I'm going to have a baggage problem when I check in to go back home.

One of the fabric shopping areas is close to a major tourist area so for a few minutes the whole place changed and it was like every other tourist trap in the world, hence the wtf face:

But then it was back to being a Serious Fabric Hunter but not sure about how practical this other yellow dress would be...

And then we forgot to be serious and started posing like the mini mannequins ...

Au revoir,

Thursday, 21 July 2016

France day 1

First full day in Paris and wandering around getting an idea of where things are. Am staying near the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery and had a wander through there on the way to coffee. It's beautiful and peaceful and am looking forward to seeing more. 

But by the end of the day it was 31 degrees and time for a gluten free beer!


Stopped for a few hours in Shanghai on the way to Paris. So all I saw of the largest city in the world was the airport. A huge airport. But as I made my way to terminal 1 from terminal 2 I arrived to the most beautiful ceiling ...

 Lots of pandas of course ...
 And smoggy outside.

and that's how they keep it clean.