Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New slouchy tops Part 2

I have got the slouchy tops loaded on the website.  I think this one is my new favourite...

Fox on Grey Hi Lo hem $111
Yellow fox on Grey Hi Lo hem slouchy top
but I'm also keen on this one:

Robot on Asphalt Crew $119
Mustard paisley robot on Asphalt Crew slouchy top

We had a wee break in the bad weather yesterday and I got as many photos as I could.  Some of the photos aren't the greatest but it's hard work when you have to schedule around dark overhead clouds and rain!  And now we have some really bad weather to look forward to - maybe even snow.  Yikes!!  

And I've been wearing this Koru heart one a lot - LOVE the green!

Koru heart on Green Crew slouchy top
and this one too of course:
Fox on Beige Hi Lo hem $111
Brown fox on Beige Hi Lo hem slouchy top

Thursday, 13 June 2013

New slouchy tops

It's been interesting times around here.  Luckily I have people to help me when I am too busy to face the sewing machine!  I have been up in Fiji - every six months I am part of a team of voluntary mentors who go to help out SME businesses up there.  The goal is to create jobs.

Meanwhile back in NZ my own job-creating programme was working away on some new products.  First of all we have the new Minnie + Ree slouchy tops.  These are from the WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) supplier that I wrote about in my last post.  The tops have come out so well, I've already nicked a couple off the rack!  They have appliqued motifs and a cute useful little back pocket.  There's a surprisingly lot of work in cutting out and attaching the motifs. I prepared them all, sewed the first one, flew away and came back to find they were all magically finished!! There are two styles - a 100% cotton crew shape with a band at the bottom,  and a 50% cotton 50% modal Hi Lo hem.  (Modal is fabric made from tree bark.)  They have been made up in the standard Minnie + Ree sizes: Small is NZ 8-10-12 and Average is NZ 14-16-18.  With these I think the slouchy-baggier the better!

The weather is crap here today so I can't get any decent photos to put on the website!!  But here's a pic until then ...