Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New slouchy tops Part 2

I have got the slouchy tops loaded on the website.  I think this one is my new favourite...

Fox on Grey Hi Lo hem $111
Yellow fox on Grey Hi Lo hem slouchy top
but I'm also keen on this one:

Robot on Asphalt Crew $119
Mustard paisley robot on Asphalt Crew slouchy top

We had a wee break in the bad weather yesterday and I got as many photos as I could.  Some of the photos aren't the greatest but it's hard work when you have to schedule around dark overhead clouds and rain!  And now we have some really bad weather to look forward to - maybe even snow.  Yikes!!  

And I've been wearing this Koru heart one a lot - LOVE the green!

Koru heart on Green Crew slouchy top
and this one too of course:
Fox on Beige Hi Lo hem $111
Brown fox on Beige Hi Lo hem slouchy top

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