Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Belle Frocks - new colours

The new Belle Frocks are coming along nicely.  The most fun, but most time consuming part is the final embellishments.  I love doing them but being a bit of a perfectionist it does sometimes take ages to find the right mix.

Do let me know in the comments section if you think I should leave a few plain.  You could then wear a huge statement necklace instead??

Here's some pics.  They aren't on the website yet.  I took these with my iPhone at the market on Sunday so sorry about the quality ...

These are a burgundy colour - organic cotton fabric. The birds on the main fabric are flying free, the ones on the applique are more goth and caged.

These ones are a beautiful floral, again the fabric is organic cotton and the appliques are in a Matisse style.

These ones are quite a pretty floral print and the appliques are Japanese inspired kawaii.  I so love them!

Email me if you want to buy: minnie.faux at gmail.com. 

There are also some others at the Napier pop up shop - there a couple of foxes and the other caramel coloured ones, at the back of the rack!!

There are a few more colours coming - here's the original cutting pics:

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