Monday, 30 March 2015

How to layer up your cotton skirts & dresses for the cooler weather

The weather is starting to turn and for some of us it means that the clothes we loved all summer are starting to be not quite enough in the mornings and evenings. 

Of course a similar but reverse situation is happening for those people in the northern hemisphere who are coming out of winter.

I usually wear my Minnie + Ree dresses and skirts all year round. The important thing is to add layers - long sleeve tops, cardigans, jumpers/jerseys, slips, tights, boots, scarves, jackets, coats ...

Here's a couple of photos from the beautiful Stephanie showing how she wore Minnie + Ree clothing during the cooler months.

Our reversible skirts are more cool-weather-friendly with their double layer of fabric. And the last of the very popular Poppies ones are a good colour for autumn/winter ...

Poppies reversible skirt
And here's a couple of suggestions for the Belle frock:

Belle frock with denim jacket

Belle frock with linen duster coat
And of course you can always wear your Belle frock with your favourite (falling to pieces but I still love it) cardi!

A final autumnal pic ...


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