Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dior and I - what a brilliant movie!

I've just seen Dior and I. The movie is great. It was first recommended to me by a non-sewing friend but if you are into fashion and/or sewing you will be in heaven!! I was.

It is a documentary and takes us behind the scenes at the House of Dior as incoming designer Raf Simons conceives his first collection. It is brought to life by the amazingly skilled employees (in pretty cramped conditions), and they go through a major change as they all learn to work together. 

There's a great scene where Raf wants to see how a white toile of a jacket would look in black. Instead of taking days to make another one they go out in the garden and spraypaint it black. Good to know that even haute couture has moments when you just have to get in there!

And for my fellow Myers Briggs junkies it is an amazing view of how Introverts get by in such a public world. Dior writes about being two Christian Diors ... the public one is a different person to himself. Raf doesn't want to do all the PR stuff but makes himself do it.

Huge pity that you can't pause and rewind in a movie theatre though.

Here's the trailer to the movie ...

You've gotta go!!

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