Thursday, 28 February 2013

Skirt of the week

I saw a woman the other weekend and thought I think I made a skirt out of that fabric - it's really cool. Then I realised it was one of the Minnie + Ree skirts!  I guess I am just starting to realise how many wonderful fabrics I have used over the last couple of years of skirt-making.  And I don't want to forget them!!

So here is a reminder of the most famous Minnie + Ree skirt - featured in the DomPost too!!  The Famous Frida skirt:

The famous Frida snap wrap cotton skirt!

Like all good things Frida will come to an end one day unless the manufacturer prints again.  No sign of that yet but I have my fingers crossed!  Frida is still available online but the Size Average is down to the last few.  Get in now if you really need one!

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