Saturday, 23 March 2013

Belle frock - new style almost ready ...

The new dress that I have been wearing everywhere lately is nearly ready.  It's pure cotton and is a beautiful bell shape with huge pockets and hand-stitched applique.  It is the perfect summertime dress and we still have some great days left here in the Southern hemisphere before it gets too cold.  Then you can warm it up with a slip and/or tights underneath and a cardigan on top.  

Cotton is such a great fabric - I am so looking forward to having a couple of these frocks when I go up to Fiji in a couple of months time.

Here is me doing some hand sewing at the market last Saturday ... I didn't get much done!

Here's a couple of finished ones - the appliques are all different!  I have made the back interesting, a wee applique near the pocket and left the front clear so you can wear a great necklace with it.

Do you need one?  They aren't on the website yet ... they are all size Average so just email me minnie.faux (at)

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