Thursday, 4 April 2013

The belle frock went to Sydney ...

Here are some fabulous photos of the new Minnie + Ree Belle Frock.  Each of these cotton dresses is appliqued with hand stitching so they are all different.  

Our favourite photo is this one:

Here's some Sydney icons - sadly we don't need a disclaimer, this photo shoot was not funded by a Sydney tourism promoter!!

And here's our favourite photo again but in an urban mood compilation that appears on the website.

Minnie + Ree's new Belle Frock. It's pure cotton and is a beautiful bell shape with huge pockets and hand-stitched applique. It is the perfect summertime dress and when it gets cooler you can warm it up with a slip and/or tights underneath and a cardigan on top. Each frock in the applique range is different. 

The first Belle Frocks are on the website:

Minnie + Ree Belle Frocks
Thank you Famous Model and behind-the-scenes Director of Photography!!

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