Thursday, 25 July 2013

New postcard

We have a new postcard!  

After having huge fun making new label tags for our applique slouchy tops I fell in love with the look of the font on my stamp printer wheelie thing (whatever it's called!) and so now that font is taking over!

I also now notice that my favourite pics that got on to the new postcard were all quite summery.  And it's still freezing here!  
[And we've had a huge earthquake!!!]

The great thing about this business is that it's either spring/summer or I am planning new clothes and looking at fabric samples for summer.  So check out the summer Belle Frock.  I have made a very few with hand stitched applique and they are stunning.  Of course the new fabric choices will not have this hand stitching.  But they will still be really cool (stylie) and cool (made of nice natural breathable cotton)!  

There's the pic of stamp printer wheelie thing - what would you call it???

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