Friday, 9 August 2013


Three things happened this week that were really quite scary:

ONE - It is the height of the summer in the northern hemisphere but the US and UK blogs and newsletters I subscribe to have started to advertise their Fall/Autumn clothing!!

TWO - Christmas is coming!!  I have just booked in to the Magic of Christmas market in Palmerston North.  It is 5.30-10.30pm on Tuesday 10 December.  Here's their facebook page  Check out the great stuff that will be there!

THREE - We may be having our warmest July-August in a long time but it is August and July-August is the depth of winter in New Zealand.  But this week I saw a shop with their new Spring clothing display in the window!!  

So I immediately decided that the US/UK ones were crazy pessimists and the NZ ones were crazy optimists (because I hate winter!!).  But really it's just modern retail cycles doing what they all do.  I'm still working on my Vivienne Westwood mantra of Buy less, Choose well, Make it last so I don't feel the need to buy new Spring clothing right now. AND at Minnie + Ree it is bright colourful clothing all the time anyway!

More colourful wrap skirts from Minnie + Ree 

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun??

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