Friday, 16 August 2013

Designer Cats

Did you know there is a Sewing
with Cats award?  And all great designers have a cat?

I hate to miss out on a trend so here we go - the official Minnie + Ree cat is revealed. 

His name is Gleep and of course he is such a good cat and would never sit on any fabrics unless he was specially posing for a photo - yeah right!!  Don't you just love the evil "Don't mess with me" stare?  Yes he is the boss of this place.

Next up is a picture of famous NZ shoe designer Kathryn Wilson.  

This photo was in a newspaper several years ago and it says that she takes her cat to work every day. Her cat is also a Cornish Rex - they have curly fur and are long and skinny (and bossy).  

I am thinking that Gleep and I will get a professional photo done like this, if that's okay with him ...

The Sewing with cats award is here:

Gleep is a multi-tasking cat so here he is helping out with the laptop.  I was watching an Etsy video featuring Megan Auman and it was all about pricing your products properly. It's a great video and if you are thinking about how to professionally price your products or how prices are set it is great to watch.  Here's the link.  

And here is the skirt that he has NOT been allowed to sit on!

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