Friday, 6 September 2013

Skirt lengths and the economy

Have you heard the theory that hemlines are an important economic indicator?  According to the theory that started in the 1920s the higher the hemline, the shorter the skirt, the better the economy.

Now lately I have been thinking about a new skirt design and the one in my head is a longer wrap skirt but with a bit of a high-lo look.  So the question is - will I negatively affect the economy with my longer skirt??? 

Further research has now revealed:
  1. There are quite a few midi skirts and dresses around and I am really liking the look.
  2. The theory has been 'discredited' and replaced by heel height and lipsticks.  Do these researchers have nothing to do I wonder!  The original theory was supposedly to do with the silk stockings that were worn with the shorter skirts by the flappers and then it was 'proven' by the mini skirt in the affluent 1960s. It started with women not being able to afford silk stockings in hard times so wore their skirts longer ... but the flapper pics above are from Wikipedia - hmmm, these skirts would be considered long by the theorists - they are well below the knee!
So it's all just a bit of fun.  And I am continuing on with my new skirt design.  And I've also made another big decision - all Minnie + Ree clothing must have pockets.  They do add to the time and so the cost of making them but it is so worth it.  

Tell me - I meet lots of women who want skirts that cover their knees - are you one of them?

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