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Image Consultant - what colours are best for you?

As you probably know Minnie + Ree is all about colour.  Example - here is a collection of our skirts:

Minnie + Ree wrap skirts
Choosing the best colour for you is always fun.  But not all of us know which colours are best. Lately I have been doing some work with Sherna Coote of Your Style Journey. Sherna is brilliant with colour and I now know that I need to let my inner green-wearing redhead out - that was a huge surprise!!  And everyone is telling me how great I look. So here's the first post from our guest blogger Sherna...


Colour is the essence of dressing successfully, it affects how you look, feel and how others respond to you.  Whether we like it or not we will be judged within seven seconds of meeting someone, with 93% of that judgement based on non-verbal communication and 55% of it on our clothing and grooming alone.

This is because colour attracts the eye first.  It is the first thing people see about you and probably what they will remember about you.  So understanding your best colours, will go a long way in creating that great first impression.

Instinctively we are drawn to colours that suit us, as our eye seeks balance and harmony, however we do not always follow our natural instincts.  Colour preferences of our family, friends and culture, and fashion trends often overwhelm our instinctive likes and dislikes.  I can attest to this, as an autumn I look great in brown, but it’s a colour I avoided for years as it was the colour of my school uniform!!  

So a colour analysis is almost like relearning what you know instinctively, thereby sharpening your ability to recognise colours that flatter you best (you also get a personal swatch to aid you in your shopping).  
Understanding whether your skintone is warm or cool is key in determining your best colours.  Warm skintones fall into spring or autumn, and cool skintones into summer or winter.  However within each season there are different colour palettes determined by the amount of contrast between your hair and your skintone.  For example even though Shirley Maclaine and Julia Roberts are both autumns, Julia Roberts has much darker hair colouring which allows her to wear richer, and more vivid, and earthy colours than Shirley Maclaine.         

The right colours next to your face will reflect up creating overall balance and harmony, enhancing your natural beauty and leaving  you open to all  those great compliments on how fantastic you look.  The wrong colours next to your face will highlight all those imperfections  (lines, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, blemishes, uneven skintone etc) and can make your skin look sallow and unhealthy.  Worst of all it can very ageing, this is especially true of black if it is not in your colour palette.  So to give yourself a natural instant facelift, wear your most flattering colours next to your face.

Understanding your colours will allow you to dress with intention.  You choose which colours to wear to convey the statement you want to make about yourself and how you wish to be perceived by others, from your partner to your boss. 

To summarise colour can be magical.  Knowing your best colours opens up a whole world of opportunities:-
  • Shopping will become easier (what woman doesn’t want that?!) and you will probably save some money.
  • You can build a well co-ordinated and flexible wardrobe. No more standing in front or your wardrobe exclaiming “I have nothing to wear!”
  • You will gain confidence knowing the colours you are wearing are your most flattering.

Colour makes the initial impact so find out what colours are perfect for you.

For more information check out Sherna's website  Maybe it's time to book a consultation??

NEXT WEEK - which prints to choose ...

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