Friday, 6 June 2014

Image Consultant - which prints are best for you?

This is the second part of the image advice that we are getting from Sherna of Your Style Journey.  you can check out her advice on colour in last week's blog post here. This week it is all about prints, and as you probably know Minnie + Ree love prints!!  

Here's some of our more colourful favourites that we have used over the past couple of years:
Minnie + Ree prints
I really enjoy helping people to choose a skirt or dress in a print, especially when they are not used to buying prints but then find The One that is perfect for them.  Print clothes often take on a new personality when you put them on.  Keep trying them on as there is always one that will look great.  And the right print can conceal a multitude of sins ... read on for Sherna's advice and remember it's all about having fun and feeling great in your clothes ...


Whatever your taste there is something out there for everyone. Prints include florals, stripes, geometric, exotic, animal, tribal, paisley (an old classic revamped), and garden/vegetable. Not only are there a variety to choose from they also come in a variety of colours from soft pastels to vivid brights.

People can find prints scary and are wary of them for several reasons, the main ones being that:
  • they are seen as seasonal buys and therefore not as versatile as a plain garment
  • they are not sure if prints suit them or not.

There is no need to be wary, a good print can stay around for a while, so if you find a good print it's worth investing in as you will get the wear out of it over more than one season. If you are not sure if prints suit you here are a few basic guidelines to buying and wearing prints.
  • Get the right size for you. A large print on a small frame will look overwhelming even if you do have the confidence to wear it. In contrast a small print on a large frame will have no impact. A useful guideline is to check the print doesn't exceed the size of your outstretched hand.
  • Be careful how you wear it. Prints can appear to add volume, for example on large busts or wide hips, so keep prints of 'problem' areas. Prints with lots of negative space will make you appear larger. An overall print can disguise style lines in a garment, the less contrast in a print the more slimming it will be.
  • Choose the right design for you. Your clothing should suit your bodyshape and your personality. Angular prints on curvy body will look unflattering. Prints have personalities -bold, dainty, exotic, feminine, conservative, etc. Creative and dramatic personalities will love the more inventive prints, vivid paisleys, geometrics, exotic, animal, etc. To the classic, natural and elegant chic personalities these prints may be too fussy so they will probably opt for smaller, subtle and muted prints. Romantic personalities will love the variety of florals from the soft muted pastels to the south pacific inspired brights and bolds.
  • Choose the right colour combination especially if you are wearing it next to your face. If the print is multicoloured ensure the dominant colour is in your colour palette.
  • Most importantly you should enjoy wearing it.
  • Prints can create a statement in themselves so there is no need to add to it. Complex designs or prints should be worn with simple garments, for example coloured jeans, or a plain skirt. However creative personalities will have no issue with mixing prints and wearing them with confidence.
For more information check out Sherna's website  Or maybe book a consultation??

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