Thursday, 27 November 2014

Don't you wish you were in Fiji?

This is going to be the last Fiji trip for a while.  I am part of a team of voluntary business mentors who travel up to Fiji to help small and medium sized businesses.  This work is government funded because growing sustainable businesses is great for the local communities - it provides jobs and incomes. Our funding is up for now so it may be a while before I get back here.  I really love the place and the people!

But here are some photos for those of you in Northern hemisphere who are facing a cold winter, and for those back at home in NZ who are being driven mad by crazy, windy, changeable spring weather! Beautiful sunny days with gentle breezes and 32 degrees C.

We do get out in the countryside a bit and it is very rural.  I drove my colleague mad one day by obsessively photographing cows's my two favourites.  The first was cool because she had such a stroppy stance and real attitude.  The second ones are pretty full on as well. You don't get many bulls working like this in NZ!

Fiji is of course very tourist oriented so we made a stop at one of the big new hotels - the Intercontinental.  It is the cleanest, shiniest hotel I've ever seen. 

There are obviously no cows but what else is missing??


Where are the people??

So since no one was around I got to play famous fashion model...


Then we checked out the beach ...

 And the flowers are all out too - beautiful!!


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