Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Working from home - PJs all day or are you a bit glam?

Everyone who works from home has those occasional days when you just don't care how you look and you get dressed in whatever you can find that's quick and clean(ish). Well hopefully everyone does and it's not just me!  And then you have to go out for something and you really hope you won't bump into anyone you know.  Especially someone who usually sees you on your more stylish days. 

My answer for the instant glam up when I go out is my favourite big scarf.  

I love this scarf so much - it is bright and colourful, it goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe and it is in the Spring colours that really suit me. And it's warm but not too heavy so can be worn all year round. 

I've been reading a few blogs lately that talk about how to amp up your Work at Home style.

This one from YOU LOOK FAB was a real favourite.  She suggests that you go for:
  1. Dramatic Hair
  2. Dramatic Eyewear: Be bold with your specs
  3. Lighten Up your colours
  4. Statement Knitwear & Tops - with colour, pattern and shine.
  5. Dramatic Pants - again, think colour, pattern and shine
  6. Lippie & Finger Nail Polish
Other than the nail polish which I don't seem to have time for at the moment I am 100% with her on this list.

As I mainly work from home I have developed some clothes that I wear all the time at home and I am now starting to make for others.  

Each article of clothing has to be comfortable, flattering and in our usual flexi-sizes since I can't stand all that rubbish around having "fat clothes" and "skinny clothes".  And I do not look good in yoga pants!!!

So here are my No. 5 Dramatic Pants. 

I've worn these so much and I love them. They should be up on the Minnie + Ree website soon...

And here's another pic of the Perfect Scarf.  I hunted this down after having my colours done for me by Sherna from Your Style Journey. I had done the colour thing years ago but I think I was mis-typed as I never really felt good about being a summer - too many pinks for me!  Sherna's advice was the best info I've had about what to wear - it makes a huge difference in how I look and feel. 

Do you know what colours make you feel great??

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