Sunday, 15 January 2017

DIY Studio

As Minnie + Ree has grown it has taken over too much of my house! We reached the final straw in December when I had to use the Emergency Storage Space (ESS) for the second time this year to store fabric deliveries. ESS is ... the bath!!

So I have embarked on a mission to convert my garage into a proper studio. This would have been a lot easier if it hadn't become the dumping ground for quite a few UFOs over the last few years. But here is my progress so far:

1. Take a good solid 1960s garage. Spend too many days demo-ing the man-shelving that has been built over the years across two sides of the garage and made from an eclectic collection of materials and about seven thousand nails and screws.
2. Buy a bargain second hand glass door and window unit on Trade Me and get it installed. 

 3. Also get builder to turn old leaky door into a window frame and have it glazed by your fabulous friends who just happen to own a glass business. Luckily there is already lots of lighting in there and now lots of natural light too!

4. Finally get around to installing underfloor insulation in your house and get the garage walls done at the same time. I can't believe how excited I got about that insulation. It made the space feel so unshedlike. And yes that is a proper word, well kind of.
5. Then start painting the concrete floor but don't finish cos you have to pack the car, put on proper clothes and go to a market!

Can't wait til it's finished.


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