Thursday, 11 August 2016

My essentials for Paris ...

Some essentials for enjoying Paris ...

Some good walking shoes. Handy to have a bit of a platform going on to keep you above yicky street things, especially stinky puddles from all those men who pee on the streets!

A metro pass.

A handy book on fabric and other 'craft' shops in Paris. 

An even handier friend who knows Paris like the back of her hand, can find all the best coffee places, and let's you be lazy and not even try to speak French.

A book that sets out most of those great coffee and food places. You can get a copy at Le Peloton which is a great coffee shop!

Gin for evening drinks on the balcony.

It would also be good to have a reliable computer if you want to blog. My nearly new Notebook has succumbed to black screen, which seems to be a not uncommon problem with HP. So I'm pecking this out on my ipad and I won't be able to edit or check it before I publish. Hope it works okay! 

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